DONALD & MELANIA 45th President & First Lady JFK Half Dollar U.S. Coin

DONALD & MELANIA 45th President & First Lady JFK Half Dollar U.S. Coin

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This is the DONALD & MELANIA TRUMP 45th PRESIDENT & FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES 2016 collectible coin. Here is your chance to own a beautifully colorized JFK Kennedy Half Dollar U.S. Coin. This high-quality genuine Legal Tender U.S. coin has been colorized using a unique painstaking multicolor authentic process. Colorizing coins involves the unique application of special inks directly to the surface of a coin that achieves a level of detail, color saturation, and durability that is #1 in the coin industry. The result is an everlasting colorized coin collectible of ultra-high quality. Each coin comes in a premium coin capsule with a Certificate of Authenticity to guarantee that your coin is authentic and recognized by every monetary authority around the world, assuring its Collector Edition status.

  • Genuine U.S. Legal Tender Coin.
  • Authentic U.S. JFK Kennedy Half Dollar.
  • High-Definition Colorization Process.
  • Highest Quality Colorization in the World, Accomplished Through a Revolutionary Technique.
  • Full-Color Certificate of Authenticity is Included with Each Coin.
  • Each Coin is Handsomely Showcased in an Acrylic Coin Capsule.
  • Commemorative Edition.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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