Did ABC Cancel Last Man Standing for Political Reasons?

It was recently announced by ABC that the show, "Last Man Standing" would not return. Since this was the network's second best-performing show. Why would they end such a popular show?

ABC claims the reason the show was canceled for financial reasons -- the show was produced by Fox and licensed to ABC -- but that makes littles sense to us. They renewed "Fresh Off the Boat" which has a similar setup, yet lower ratings. So that explanation doesn't hold water.

It seems the real reason the show was axed is political. "Last Man Standing" focused on an old-school man who hated today's culture and wanted to go back to the old days. (Like most of us.) We believe the show was brought to an end because the network wants to distance itself from the conservative viewpoint the show hailed.

Of course, ABC is true Hollywood, and the west coast is liberal if it's anything. So, of course, they didn't want to keep a show that touted traditional family beliefs. They'd rather focus on "Modern Family" a show that upsells the gay agenda, questionable immigration, and the sissying of the American male.

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